REHAU, German provider of solutions for windows, building and furniture, has, starting July 2021, a new Head of Building Solutions,Laurentiu Chiriac, with 20 years of experience in sales.

Laurentiu Chiriac takes over the role held in the last 10 years by Alexandru Oprea, the current Country Manager REHAU Romania, and will coordinate the activities of the Building Solutions Division,being the counterpart of Paul Chipriean, Head of REHAU Window Solutions, and of Dan Drosu, Head of REHAU Furniture Solutions in Romania.

Laurențiu Chiriac is licensedin economic studies, with a master’s degree in Marketing and Communication at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest and started the sales activity since college. He went through all the stages of a sales specialist’s career, essential steps in the over 20 years of training, coordination and coaching of sales teams in companies such as Henkel Romania, Lasselberger Ceramics or Cesarom.

“I am happy to join the REHAU Romania team, a company whose evolution in the over 25years of existence locally is a proof of its people work and progress prone. The Building Solutions division has grown together with the other two divisions and is preparing new product and solutions launches meant to increase the comfort of Romanians in their own homes. We will continue to evolve together, and I thank my colleagues for the warm welcome and the trust they’ve shown me since the first meeting”, said Laurentiu Chiriac, Head of Building Solutions REHAU Romania.

Throughout his career, Laurentiu Chiriac has managed to build the best performing sales team on the interior design market segment, through the permanent increase of skills, coaching and trust transfer.

The new Head of Building Solutions REHAU Romania aims at a market approach based on strong partnerships with the other actors involved in its development, which should bring REHAU products and solutions to the homes of Romanians.

“I want the premium, innovative and sustainable products from REHAU to enhance the Romanians’ lives. In this sense, we aim to create a solid community of installers, who know and support the complete systems provided by REHAU, in order to contribute to building a sustainable, clean Romania that promotes the responsible use of water resources”, said Laurentiu Chiriac, Head of Building Solutions REHAU Romania.