The Romanian real estate investment market grew in 2020 despite the pandemic context and closed the year with a total value of investment transactions worth almost 900 million euro, which represents almost 8.5% of the total 10.4 billion euro investment volume recorded by the 6 largest countries in Eastern Europe. Romania almost doubled its share in the region’s turnover over the previous year and jumped into the big league, after Poland and the Czech Republic, but before Hungary, Slovakia and Bulgaria.

A characteristic of the region as a whole – including Romania – is the fact that, at least until now, we did not see a material shift towards distressed sales, as most are either long-term owners or waiting for things to settle down. This is a bit of a departure from the 2009-2010 recession and could suggest that the subsequent recovery could be much swifter than it was after that downturn. Romania’s more generous yield gap, coupled with depressed yields for other types of assets, bode well for local assets in the following years„, explains Laurențiu Lazăr, Managing Partner at Colliers Romania.